To perform construction and repair work at a height, every builder in Kyiv wants to buy scaffolding to make their task easier. Finding a good supplier is not an easy task, and if you are on this page, then you have not found it yet. The Ukr-Standart company is a manufacturer and supplier of equipment for construction in the Ukrainian market.

Scaffolding: types of equipment from Ukr-Standart

All types are made of steel. Details of metal structures undergo 2 treatments: anti-corrosion and polymer, ensuring a long service life. You can buy 3 types of scaffolding from us:

  • Wedge-clamp. They are light in weight, which makes it easy to move and transport the device around the construction site, and over different distances. In appearance, this is a frame system that is assembled from individual parts. They are installed inside buildings and outside, as well as in narrow passages between structures and buildings. They are universal equipment used for construction, repair, finishing work and used as a bricklayer’s table for building a wall from a foundation.
  • Frame lightweight. Easy to use, light weight for easy assembly and disassembly. Frame scaffolding is made of steel of the highest strength, thanks to which they can withstand heavy loads. Many seek to buy exactly frame scaffolding at an affordable price in Kyiv, since their cost is lower than of other types, and their assembly does not cause problems. To fix the element, just turn the “flag”, this technology speeds up the installation of the structure.
  • Crossbar. The elements are connected according to the “pipe to pipe” principle. To fix a horizontal part to a vertical pipe, they are inserted into special tubes – a crossbar. The supports are installed on special heels that provide complete stability. Due to the diagonally installed braces, the rigidity of the structure is increased. They are especially in demand when performing finishing and repair work on the facades of buildings.

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