Installation of the scaffold tower

First you need to install the base kit on a flat surface, on which to install the diagonal and ladder sections opposite each other. Next, connect the ladders with dumbbells, secure with ties and close the locks. After installing the next tier, it is necessary to install stabilizers, and then complete it to the required height. Make the installation of ladders and dumbbells, fences. Also fix with ties and install the fence beam. Upon completion – lay out the flooring. The mobile scaffold tower for construction of this type is perfect for performing external and internal installation and construction work. It is a structure of flat 3-step ladders.

Unlike mini-scaffolds, scaffold towers can be assembled to a height of up to 21 m, which allows for repair and construction work on high-rises.

Ukr-Standart is a company that has been a reliable supplier and manufacturer of construction scaffold towers for 10 years. Our main warehouses are located in large cities, among them: Dnipro, Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv and others. In our production, metal structures undergo polymer painting and anti-corrosion surface treatment.

The main advantages of mobile scaffold towers are:

  • The lightness of the metal structure. Makes it easy to move the tower around construction sites.
  • Mobility. You can easily and simply move the construction tool around the construction site, as the base of the structure is equipped with wheels.
  • Stability. To increase the stability of the tower structure, jacks are installed on the base, this will help to avoid tipping over during operation.
  • Strength. To increase rigidity, the sections of the scaffold tower are fastened with ties, which are fixed with flip locks on ladders and dumbbells.
  • Safety. The working surface is equipped with decking, beams and fences, which ensures that your employees do not fall while performing their tasks.
  • Ease of installation. Mounting of the tower metal structure is carried out without the use of special tools. All elements are mounted according to the “pipe to pipe” principle and are connected with flip locks, which does not take much time and effort.

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