Plastic dry closet “Standard” – features of our products

The standard equipment of the dry closet includes:

  1. Tank.
  2. Latch.
  3. Seat with a lid.
  4. Clothes hook.
  5. Shackles for a lock.

Deodorizing liquid:

  • price per 1 pc. – UAH 250
  • when buying more than 3 pieces – UAH 220 per 1 pc.

Plastic dry closet “Lux” – a guarantee of quality from the manufacturer

Standard equipment includes:

  • Tank.
  • Seat with a lid.
  • Plastic pallet.
  • Lock with Vacant/Engaged indicator.
  • Anti-vandal door fixing.
  • Pipe for ventilation.
  • Eyelets for padlock.
  • Paper holder.
  • Clothes hook.

Plastic outdoor dry closet for a summer cottage: equipment

The mobile outdoor dry closet is a durable plastic mobile cubicle that is easy to install and transport from one point to another, and is also perfect for your summer cottage. We make a construction from shock-resistant polyethylene, with a density of 300 kg/cm3. This material is highly UV resistant so the color won’t fade. The standard model includes a single-layer front panel (door + arch) with ribs of high rigidity and strength. It is possible to install a toilet. The door hinges are fixed on steel rivets, so it is difficult to remove or tear it off. This will protect the dry closet from vandals. Drainage is carried out using a special pump.

The receiving tank is a one-piece cast structure and is durable, which ensures the reliability of a mobile dry closet. You don’t have to dig a waste pit to install this structure, which saves you time and makes it easy to move it around the site. The main reasons why a dry closet is worth buying from our company.

A mobile dry closet of our production is an excellent solution for summer cottages and houses, as well as for construction sites, crowded places and camping. It is not difficult to buy our products in Ukraine, as many companies distribute these products. Finding a supplier without the help of the Internet will take a lot of time, as well as browsing hundreds of web stores. In our company, you can also profitably purchase a dry closet for the disabled, as well as a portable one.

Преимущества пластикового биотуалета от Укр-Стандарт

The main benefit of purchasing a plastic toilet cubicle is as follows:

  • the cover is translucent, which visually improves illumination and increases space;
  • no unpleasant odor due to the tightness of the receiving tank;
  • the moisture-repellent impregnation of the pallet increases the service life;
  • the material is UV and temperature resistant;
  • the door sag protection thanks to steel rivets;
  • the waste disposal is carried out using environmentally friendly means that are safe for the environment;
  • possibility of delivery fully assembled. You do not need to spend time on installation, it is enough to install the cubicle in a dedicated place.

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